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    Please help! I have tried numerous servers and none of them are able to read my ASP code. I now have PWS and NT 4.5(SBS) running(separately). With PWS it trys to download the page and once it opens it is in FrontPage Editor. With NT it opens in the browser alright but it does not extract the code or execute it. Please if you have any suggestions as to what I am doing wrong I would be very grateful.

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    Are you running through your server?<BR><BR>Does you address say something like:<BR>http://localhost/webpage.asp<BR><BR>Or<BR>C:mywebwebpage.asp<BR><BR >If it is the second one, no matter what you do it will not compile the asp code for you, the computer gives you the page not the server.<BR><BR>Try to find your page by using the first address, play around until you find out where yours is.

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