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    I am having major problems concerning speed. I have an oracle database that is set up to allow users to search through via intranet. i set the page up using asp code but at times during the day i get time out errors. i think the problems are due because the database on our server takes so long to open all of the records(roughly 5000) and six fields they are searchig by. The search page works fine until 11:30 or 12, after that it is all down hill. Anybody know of any tips or tricks? I used response.buffer, and response.flush throughout my code but they only seem to help with computers running IE 5.

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    Have you tried running the same queries using, for example SQL Plus to see what kind of response time you get? This might narrow it down to some areas for examination.<BR><BR>Also,<BR>While 5000 records really isn&#039t much at all for Oracle, are you bringing them back to the webserver for aditional processing? This would eat up some time.<BR><BR>I am running asp scripts on a x86 based server that connects to a RS4000 server running our Oracle instance. I quite frequently run passthrough queries and stored procedures on 350,000+ records with response times under 15 seconds. But..I am doing most of the work in SQL queries and procs on the Oracle server and only sending back to the webserver the data really needed. <BR>If you are relying on your network to send back lots of records and then process them on the web server you will always be at the mercy of the network....which it sounds like you are<BR><BR>You also may want to explore indexing certain fields as well as optimizer hints if you haven&#039t already as well as paging of the records returned<BR><BR>Mike

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    I found out yesterday from another associate that others in the company are having the same problem. There is some very heavy traffic on that server. I am adding in a paging system today. Hope it helps some but I am very much at the mercy of the network.

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    Oracle is a very good database to use with ASP. In fact, it works at very robust speeds if you know how to use it correctly. In general, Oracle works fine with ASP as long as you work with a few records. What this means is that you never take 5 thousand records and zip it around on the server to the client. ASP would we slow with any type of database if you did this. <BR><BR>One trick I have found with ASP is that you essentially allow a user to look at one record at a time by refreshing the record everytime a user goes from one record to another. One can do this by keeping a variable called record_no within an oracle database that would look something like follows: <BR> 00001<BR> or <BR> 00342<BR><BR>Within Session level variables that are stored in ASP pages, you can have variables of type integer that would stored as 1 or 343 and so on. You can then convert these integer variables to string that correspond to the 00001 and 00342. Then proceed and get these records with an SQL statement.<BR><BR>I hope this helps.<BR><BR><BR>

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