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    Thanks for the pass answers <BR>I would like to know as i am new in asp and i see that with out knowing well db i get trouble all time so please <BR>what is better to learn access 97 or 2000 and if all of two what first as well iwhat is the best way to learn it course ,books ,or ....?<BR>As weel may be go direct to sql server or oracle ?<BR><BR>Thanks in advance <BR>Moti

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    Databases are databases.<BR><BR>*Any* database is fine for learning enough SQL to be able to connect a database to ASP.<BR><BR>Later, you will find that each database has a just slightly different dialect of SQL, and you will have to carefully learn about those dialects. But 90% of SQL is the same on all databases. So learn whichever system you have on your machine or which you can obtain without too much expense.<BR><BR>As for material for learning...<BR><BR>"Understanding SQL" from Sybex books has a good reputation.<BR><BR>For learning Access (the part that isn&#039t just SQL), I would just use MS&#039s online help, mostly.<BR><BR>

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    I use both Access 97 and 2000 because i have different clients with different databases on their server. I have yet to notice a difference between the two with the exception of the "Look". And as Bill said SQL is the basis for all databases. The sweet thing about Access is their simple visual query builder. Once you&#039ve got the query the way you want it, goto SQL view.. and cut-n-paste into your ASP code. piece of cake!!!

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