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    Hi,<BR>here is my problem:<BR><BR>I have two text fields on my form, item and quantity and a button. I need to acheieve the following. If quantity entered by the user is greater than 1 then the button should lead to A.asp else to B.asp. How to go about this? Any suggestions are gratefully accepted.

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    You can do just one form A.asp - and on this form:<BR><BR>criteria = Request.Form("textbox")<BR>Select Case <BR>Case criteria &#060;1<BR><BR> &#039first version of the form<BR><BR>Case else<BR> <BR> &#039second version<BR><BR>End select<BR><BR> May be, somebody can help to write you the Java Script code, but I&#039m not strong with Java Script. I hope, it can help<BR>

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