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    Default help please -very very urgent!!!

    Hi everyone!<BR> can someone answer to this question.<BR>I am new to sql and hence I am stumped here.<BR><BR>I have to form a sql query to do the following action.<BR><BR>sum the &#039TotalEmails&#039 column from the table tblAdvertisers for <BR>a customerid named xxx and also take the name of the company for this customer id from some other table tblUser.<BR>basically customerid is the key for connecting the tables.<BR><BR>I have problem bcos I need to do an aggregate function here. the join of the tables does&#039nt seem to work with the aggregate functions. or, I am not doing it in the right way.<BR>can someone help?

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    Try something like this:<BR><BR>Select sum(a.TOTAL_EMAILS),c.COMPANYNAME<BR>from ADVERTISERS a, COMPANIES c<BR>where =<BR>and CUSTOMER_ID = &#039XXX&#039<BR>GROUP BY c.COMPANYNAME<BR><BR>Just let me know,if it works.

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    Default Hi t,thanks a lot, it's cool and it's work

    thanks a lot, it&#039s working.can u give me ur email id, for further doubts on these queries, as U might not be seeing this column all the time!!<BR><BR>thanks a lot.

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