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    Genny Guest

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    Occasionally I receive HTML junk emails in Outlook 97. They look great and I&#039d like to be able to send HTML pages as emails from some of our company&#039s web applications.<BR><BR>However, when I attempt this it just displays the code in Outlook, it doesn&#039t display it as a web page. I&#039ve even tried duplicating the HTML code of the emails I&#039ve received from other companies and even THAT code doesn&#039t work when I send it.<BR><BR>Does anyone know what the secret is to make this work? Thanks,<BR><BR>Genny :-)

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    Genny Guest

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    I figured it out. It&#039s a setting you need to turn on in whatever mailer program you are using. For example, I use ServerObjects&#039 ASPMail component and the parameter is:<BR><BR>Mailer.ContentType = "text/html".

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    Have you gotten Mailer.COntentType = "Multipart/alternative" to work???

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