Using compiled Java objects in ASP.

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Thread: Using compiled Java objects in ASP.

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    Robert Strickland Guest

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    I have a performance question. I am working on a Java queue that defines the navigation and page heirarchy of a site that I am working on. This queue is a normal compiled Java class that is referred to from my asp page (using Jscript) with the GetObject command. <BR><BR>I am storing this object in an Application variable, and I am concerned about the threading model that asp uses. I know that my Java class is multithreaded, but how does this translate when used in asp? will there be performance issues as a result of my Java class? Any performance / design suggestions?<BR><BR>Thank you,<BR><BR>Robert Strickland

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    Shadao Shai Guest

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    I don&#039t consider myself the Java/IIS expert but I do have links <BR>to info that might help some:<BR><BR>COM Threading article:<BR><BR><BR>General MS threading article:<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>My suspicion is that since the Application object is multithreaded, the object created will just grab a available thread or get qued for the next one. Of course Java and IIS has not been proven in a hardcore environment so far so it remains to be seen. If you get (or come across) specific benchmarks I would love to see them. I was curious about this myself.<BR><BR><BR>

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