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    Jean-Luc Guest

    Default Multilingual site (japanese, chinese)

    I already made a multilingual website including western languages (see but now of customer want something including Japanese and Chinese ! Any idea what I should do to be able to write in those languages ? I am going to receive the text in Word documents, am I going to be able to read them with my plain English-Word ?<BR><BR>jean-luc

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    Fabio Lin Guest

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    copy the oriental text , and paste in the html editor<BR>you can see the result with internet explorer 5 with japanese and chinese language enconding

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    Jean-Luc Guest

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    Thanks,<BR>it doesn&#039t sound that complicated.<BR><BR>jean-luc

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    Suresh Guest

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    Can you pls. explain me How you have done for other languages..<BR>Especially conversion??<BR>

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