Is this Normal? ASP 0115 Hangs IIS 4.0

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Thread: Is this Normal? ASP 0115 Hangs IIS 4.0

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    Whenever a user gets an ASP 0115 error, inentinfo.exe continues to run according to the Task Manager but it won&#039t process any more pages - the user&#039s browser just "spins" until it times out. The Event Viewer logs the ASP error. Once we discover that IIS is hung, we try to stop and start it. The graceful stop using Microsoft&#039s services frequently does not work so we have no choice but to kill the PID of inetinfo.exe.<BR><BR>Is this normal? If not, any ideas on what&#039s happening? We running Nt 4.0 with SP5, ADO 2.5, and Oracle 8.0.5. I should add that this problem mysteriously went away when we moved to a new server and also loaded ADO 2.1. We then added Stored procedures, changed a bunch of code, and installed ADO 2.5. Now we have ASP 0115 errors out teh wazoo again. Is this some combination that doesn&#039t work right? Should we consider loading SP6 or will that create more problems than we solve?<BR><BR>Thanks in advance.

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    This is not really in my scope of knowledge but I did have a problem close to what you are suggesting. It happened when I first started writing code. I didn&#039t expclitly close my objects.(eg. objConn.Close, Set objConn = Nothing). This specificly applies to my database connections. Hope this helps. Good Luck.

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    Sorry - we&#039re running IIS 4, NT 4, SP 6 with MDAC 2.5 SP1 and still getting this problem.

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