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    ASP and Proxy server<BR>James Bond - 7 Jul - 05:02:39 PM<BR>--------------------------------------------------------------------------------<BR>Hi All!<BR><BR>Need your help ASAP!<BR><BR>I have a project set at It has two folders..&#039ASP&#039 and &#039images&#039. Within &#039asp&#039 folder, I have an asp page with a image hyperlink set to "..imagesxyz.gif"..This works fine..Now I set up a proxy server ( and this maps to "" (Don&#039t ask me why but this is the system configuration by the network gurus at my work)..Now when I access my asp page, it fails to bring the image..Can someone tell me what I need to change? <BR>

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    When it&#039s mapped to, the images directory is no longer in the relative path to the ASP directory. i.e. under, the relative paths were /asp/ and /images/ -- under, the relative path to the asp directory is the root (/), and images would have to be *before* the root... and that isn&#039t possible. Two solutions:<BR>1) move the images into the asp directory, so that they&#039re in the relative path.<BR>2) link the images to<BR><BR>Hope this helps!<BR>Ben

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