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    Anup Nair Guest

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    Hi,<BR>I am using an ActiveX Control - MSFlexGrid in some of my ASP Pages.It works fine in all client machines that has Visual Studio installed.But it does not, in case of a client that has any of the software installed.The control does not get downloaded.The object tag for the above control does not have a codebase - which may be the reason.If so, can anyone get me the codebase for the MSFlexGrid control.<BR><BR>Thanks in Advance<BR><BR>Anup

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    Cable Guest

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    The problem is that those development machines have the license to use those controls, and the client workstations do not.<BR><BR>Microsoft has an article on fixing this, as part of the Internet ActiveX SDK, at:<BR><BR><BR>

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    Anup Nair Guest

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    Thanks, that worked!!!<BR>But I also need to set the codebase, so that the client knows where to download the control.<BR><BR>Anup<BR><BR>

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    Anup, Could you tell me how you got the MSFlexGrid to work. I had an object error come up when I try to fill the grid in the sub onLoad(). Could you email me some sample code where you fill the grid?<BR><BR>Thanks<BR>

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    Cable Guest

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    That is easy, copy the DLL to a directory on your web server, then make the codebase point to the URL of the location of the DLL file.<BR><BR>Then if their security is set up correctly on their browser, it should download the DLL file and register it on their system if they do not already have it! <BR><BR>If they get an error copying the file, they most likely have Windows NT and their administrator disabled write access to the c:winntsystem32msdownld.temp directory. Have their administrator grant them write access to this directory, or install the DLL file by hand by:<BR><BR>#1 Copying it to the c:winntsystem32 directory.<BR><BR>#2 Running Regsvr32.exe on it to register it in the registry.<BR><BR>Make sure that they do those steps in that order. If they run regsvr32.exe on the file before copying it (I&#039ve seen some dumb admins who did just that!) it will not work!

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