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    1-Kindly tell me how to append (the data collected by a form) into an Access database ?<BR><BR>2-I know javascript so, does it required to study vbscript to be able make a best ASP programmming ?<BR><BR>3- my Eail :<BR><BR>Thank you advance<BR>

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    1. Try looking at it is VBScript, but useful none the less<BR><BR>2. No, you can use javascript if you wish. However the majority of help that you can find on the web appears to be VBscript based, so its worth learning a bit more VBScript. You&#039ll save development time in the long run because you&#039ll be able to share and reuse code that other people have written and not convert to javascript all the time.<BR><BR><BR>I was in a similar situation as you a while back regarding VBScript versus Javascript. But now I use both. I&#039ve found that one is sometimes more efficient (or easier) to code certain things with than the other, but if you don&#039t know both then you can&#039t make that judgement. I&#039m not sure about mixing scripting languages on a site though (or just on one page) I feel that this would maybe not be considered "best practice".......anyway, learn some VBScript and its something else you can add to your CV/resume !<BR><BR>cheers then<BR>mf

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