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Thread: ASp Blocks Server -> Fails - but queued page

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    fifthermurf Guest

    Default ASp Blocks Server -> Fails - but queued page

    Sorry I dont have my code to throw done here, but here is the basics of my problem.<BR><BR>I have a page that allows a user to submit a request that is filed into a FoxPro DB (not my choice but I have to script for it). After a successful submission I give a user the option to attach a file which is uploaded and then stored in a file directory on a seperate server from my webapp. After that take place (successfully) one can click on a seperate link to run a script that queries a different table in the database for information pertaining to that user(in their session). For some spooky reason the request that the ASP makes blocks the queue and then it fails eventually. But if I click twice (first one commits the block and the second one queues) the first one hangs and then fails (timesout) but the second one succeeds right away, after the first one fails. Any vague idea what I should be looking at to narrow this puppy down? I am pretty OK with my code. It seems like a problem with IIS4.0 doing something wierd!!!<BR><BR>Thanks for any pointers<BR>fifthermurf

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    jason Guest

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    are you using a single threaded component somewhere?<BR><BR>jason

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    fifthermurf Guest

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    You know I dont know, basically the components used are ADODB.Recordset and ADODB.Connection. It is just the Database Access Copmonent. No custom components. I was thinking that too, but it seems to be OK after the first request fails. (almost like an array is initializing wrong like 1 instead of 0)<BR><BR>?? I dont know ??

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