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    I have seen some different kind of files on net - like shtml and jhtml. What are they? Are they related to html. Thanks.

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    general answer<BR><BR>usually files like this have been processed on the server in some way, in a similar way to .cgi, .asp, .jsp, .php<BR><BR>.shtl is simply server-side-included, meaning it&#039s built out of fragments to produce the file you see. also .shtm or .stm<BR>.jhtml - not sure, think it&#039s to do with java servlets<BR>.asp - active server pages<BR>.cgi - common gateway interface (usually perl)<BR>.jsp - java server pages<BR><BR>they allow extra functionality you don&#039t get with plain HTML - there&#039s lots of info around if you want to learn more, but be aware different server types support different things.<BR><BR>jason

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