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    I have a form on my page.<BR>After that page I have a validation page.<BR>I have a form on my validation page with only hidden values.<BR>I use the result from the first form to fill the hidden form.<BR>Like this: &#060;INPUT type="hidden" NAME="Kod" default value=Request.Form("Kod")&#062;. The problem is that it won´t work with to string values, like "dfs fgd". Then it just returns the first string "dfs". Why? What can I do?

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    you need to put your value in quotes or it will "stop" at the first space.<BR><BR>So, instead of...<BR>&#060;INPUT type="hidden" NAME="Kod" default value=Request.Form("Kod")&#062;<BR><BR>try<BR>&#06 0;INPUT type="hidden" NAME="Kod" value="&#060;%Request.Form("Kod")%&#062;"&#062;<BR >

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