My question arised with our libaray&#039 service. To avoid to be fined for overdue books, I have to from time to time access the website of our library and fill out a form to query how many books I have borrowed and the due data of the books. This kind of thing is very trouble to me. I am frequently fined, since I always forget to check my loan records. I decide that I must do something to help myself. <BR><BR>My plan is create a program, which includes two parts. In the first part, I get data about my loans from the web server of the libaray; In the second part, I will produce a prompt message for those books which will be due soon, based on the acquired data. And, I will have the program started when I boot my computer in everyday morning.<BR><BR><BR>But, my question is how I can get the circulation data. In our libary&#039s website, there is a hyperlink, captioned "view your circulation record". After clicking the hyperlink, a form appears, in which I shall fill in my name, university number, and a password.Then, clicking the "submit" button, after a while, the query result will be listed in my screen. I know I must create a form to replce this one. My own form will automatically contact the libarary server, acquire data and provide the data to subsequent processing function. <BR><BR>(1) Would the libaray&#039s server accept my own form? <BR>(2) With what kind of langauge, I can build my own form?<BR>(3) I have read some books about ASP. I guess the form provided by libarary, in fact, is produced by a ASP program running in the library&#039s server. How can I know the form is created by a ASP technique or CGI technique.<BR><BR>my email address:<BR><BR><BR>