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    I am curious if there is anyway to make sure that asptear is going out and bringing back the current page. I currently have a script set up that goes out and grabs a news page, but it only updates the news page when i restart the server. How do i make sure the news page updates everytime the script is called? Any answers would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.<BR><BR>AaSukiSuki

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    Try appending the end of your target URL a randomly generated number. It looks like your server is caching the content of the asp page and everytime you access your asp page, the server returns the same content (does not force asptear to grap the target site once more) even though your target url was updated. The workaround for that problem is, say your target url is Using a random number generator function (you can find on 4guys) you can modify the url and it would be unique each time a user calls your asp file. For instance your target url would look like and the server would think you are requesting a different file each time that number changes. hope that helps<BR><BR>-ty

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