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    Yesterday Bill told me that VBScript Date()s and Now()s are actually the number of SECONDS and are only displayed as complex string values that people are used to. I found this very useful because I could now sort things by date, see if one date is older than another, etc. etc. HOWEVER what I did not realize was that was an VBSCRIPT date ... not an SQL date :) So,, my question now is if I do something like this:<BR><BR>SQL = "Create Table topics ( id integer primary key, title varchar not null, date_posted Date );"<BR><BR>conn.execute(SQL) <BR><BR>&#039 Btw - is "Date" the correct indentifier for the last column?<BR><BR>and then do this:<BR><BR>SQL = "INSERT INTO TABLE topics (...) VAULES(..., " & Now & ");"<BR><BR>conn.Execute(SQL)<BR><BR>SQL = "SELECT * FROM topics ORDER BY date_posted DESC;"<BR><BR>Set somevariable = conn.Execute(SQL)<BR><BR>Does this WORK? Considering the value stored in date_posted is a VBSCRIPT date and its really SQL that is trying to ORDER BY or SORT my recordset?

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    Data type may need to be DateTime, if Date doesn&#039t work.<BR><BR>To do the insert:<BR><BR>SQL = "INSERT INTO TABLE topics (...) VAULES(..., #" & Now & "#);"<BR><BR>What happens: Since you are doing string concatenation (the & operator), VBScript automatically converts the value of Now to a string. But Access (and, I presume, the Jet engine) need #...# around a date string. Note that every other DB that I know of needs &#039...&#039 around a date, just as around any string.<BR><BR>Finally...<BR><BR>Access (and, again, I presume the Jet engine) has Date() and Now() functions built in. So you *could* do that thus:<BR><BR>SQL = "INSERT INTO TABLE topics (...) VAULES(..., Now() );"<BR><BR>Notice that Now() is *inside* the quotes!<BR><BR><BR>

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