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    Terry Jeske Guest

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    Hello,<BR><BR>I have two tables:<BR><BR>CUSTInfo<BR> userID<BR> name<BR> city<BR> state<BR><BR>CUSTSite<BR> siteID<BR> userID<BR> disabled<BR><BR>What I need is to find all the DISTINCT states from the CUSTInfo table, But first I have to filter out records WHERE CUSTSite.disabled is true.<BR><BR>Any ideas?<BR>

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    &nbsp;<BR>What about this:<BR><BR>SELECT Distinct CUSTInfo.state <BR>FROM CUSTSite, CUSTInfo<BR>WHERE CUSTSite.disabled &#060;&#062; true<BR>AND CUSTInfo.userID = CUSTSite.userID<BR><BR>???<BR><BR>

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    Terry Jeske Guest

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    Right on! Thank you very much.

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