Can you use global.asa with PWS?

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Thread: Can you use global.asa with PWS?

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    I&#039ve installed PWS and I&#039d like to use the global.asa file to store application level variables etc. Simply making sure that the global.asa file is in the proper directory does not seem to ensure that my variables are accessible to my pages. I&#039ve read that it is necessary to "start" the web application before the global.asa file will be functional. Can you do this in PWS? How? I know that it can be done using IIS and the MMC, but I am not running NT or 2000. Thanks!

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    Yes, you can use a global.asa on PWS. The number of global asa files matters. If you just have one in the root it will apply to the entire application unless you make a virtual directory into another application, then it will look in that directorys root for that global.asa. This probably isn&#039t the most exact explanation, but for the best source read page 326 on the the Professional ASP 2.0 book by Wrox.

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