I&#039m having problems passing large strings into my SQL Server stored procedures.<BR><BR>Say my large string is held in a variable: strLarge. The typical syntax for passing it into my stored procedure would be:<BR><BR>Exec storedProcName &#039strLarge&#039<BR><BR>Unfortunately, since my string has various characters, including single quotes, I have to pass it to the stored procedure as such:<BR><BR>Exec storedProcName [strLarge]<BR><BR>This is great, except when I try to excute this, a SQL Server error #103 is returned stating that my string is too long because it is more than 128 characters.<BR><BR>I&#039ve tried putting the following code in my stored procedure:<BR><BR>SET QUOTED_IDENTIFIER OFF<BR><BR>Unfortunately, that does not solve the problem.<BR><BR>Does anyone know of another way to pass in large variables to a stored procedure without using single quotes? If it helps, I am passing the variables into the stored procedure from an Active Server Page.