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    I&#039ve looked about everywhere for this script and can not find it. Someone has to have it! I just want a basic script that referrs to a template, lets say /root/main.html. And an Access database, call it dbsite.mdb. I only need 3 variables in the database, contentid (to locate the right HTML data), data (presents on the web site), and title (web site title). I had a PHP script that can do this with mySQL and I would like it similar, which I&#039ve seem to have lost.<BR><BR>To access a page the browser would point to index.asp for the main page then for any other pages, lets say howto.html, the browser would enter index.asp?page=howto. The page= variable would refer to the contentid variable from the database. This script is very simple, but I&#039m new to ASP and don&#039t quite understand everything yet. If anyone can help, please email ASAP!<BR><BR>Thank You,<BR><BR>Thomas Pitchford

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    You *COULD* do it this way with ASP, but it would be a mistake.<BR><BR>It is much more efficient with ASP to simply take the basic HTML page and add a smidgen of VBScript code to it to get the data and plunk it into the right spots.<BR><BR>If you went your way, you&#039d have to either invent an encoding or use an existing one to tell the ASP page where to plunk the data. And in the case of a variable number of rows of data, you&#039d have to have real smarts in the ASP code to figure out "oh, here&#039s a template that is to be repeated." This is *SO* much easier to do with "native" ASP that it seems silly to go that route.<BR><BR>Please, go read a few ASP articles on simple database access and you&#039ll see what I mean.<BR><BR>

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