Okay, I&#039ve screwed something up and I need help figuring out what.<BR><BR>Symptoms: I&#039m getting an 0178 (permission on .dll failure) when using server.createObject.<BR><BR>Situation: My development server has been refashioned to a test server, with all development going on in a workstation which spits out installable packages. To make the transition, I&#039ve gone through numerous un- and re-installs of components trying to shift them to versions compiled under VB6 SP4. With the first such reinstall, I started getting 0178 errors which didn&#039t go away when I reverted to an older package and even recompiled the component on the development server. All permissions have been checked and rechecked (and reset -- I even ran a complete failure audit on the drive) but I&#039m coming up empty.<BR><BR>It&#039s a Win2K server. The 0178 is coming out before the class_initialize.<BR><BR>Any suggestions (short of "melt the drive and ghost your real server into the test box") are welcome. I&#039m currently thinking that something somewhere got corrupted, but I don&#039t know what (assuming that I&#039m even remotely right about that...).