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    Ben Roy Guest

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    So in the past I&#039ve used other mailing methods with my sites, but CDO seems to be the reasonable way to do stuff. Anyway...built the whole page, send the never arrives. I&#039m not getting any errors, but no email is ever showing up. Can someone bring me up to speed just a little bit on what could be causing problems and what steps I may be able to take to track down what&#039s happening?

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    Bill J Guest

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    o.k. I too had this probelm with CDONTS. I would suggest you take a look at the server you&#039re ASP pages are on. Most likely you will notice that the mail messages are sitting in either the que directory, CDONTS initially puts the message into the pickup directory and the IIS&#039s SMTP functionailty tries to mail it, if it can&#039t it puts it into the que to try to resend later.<BR><BR>essentially there is a configuration problem for IIS&#039s SMTP service.<BR><BR>Bill J.

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