Ok, so I&#039m writing an output report for an internet web browser based application in MSIE 5.0 using ASP and SQL7. The big thing is that this HAS to have formatted headers and footers at the top of every page when it prints out so the only thing that I can think of is to save the data to a temporary excel file, then mail merge it into a Word template that opens in the browser itself. The problem is that when you go to open it, it opens the mail merge template without the data and when you open an instance of Word in IE 5.0 you cannot access the mail merge commands. I know that it does work because I&#039ve successfully merged the data when it&#039s just open in Word by itself, the trick I&#039ve discovered is that it opens a new instance of Word and sends the output of the mail merge to the new instance without physically saving the data anywhere. Does anyone have any ideas as to where I&#039m messing up? Thank a million! ^_^