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    Hello,<BR>I was wondering what the standard for validating data is. Do you first validate as much data on the client as possible (ie. checking for null fields) then any validation that cannot be done on the client is done on the server (ie. checking a user&#039s password against a db table)? <BR><BR>Also, when validation fails, what is the standard for a response. E.g. send the user to an error page, pop up a message, etc.?<BR><BR>Thanks in advance,<BR>Eric

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    Default Standards in an unstandardized world

    I am currently working on a huge data entry project via the web.<BR><BR>I validate to the point of nausea at the client side. Its just simpler. With server side, i send them to another page that says they are bad or whatever. <BR><BR>pop ups on the client<BR><BR>new pages for the server.<BR><BR>Just so you know.<BR>In technology there are two standards. <BR>Microsoft and everyone else.<BR><BR>Be original, make up your own standard...everyone else does.

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    All the fields that has to be entered by the user has to be validated in the client side.<BR><BR>U can do many things if the validation fails. it depends on the type of validation.<BR>if it is a not null field, U cannot let the user skip the field, or in some cases U can send to a different page displaying the error.<BR><BR>the server side validation is done for different set of things like password checking, working with the database and stuff like that.<BR><BR>I think I have answered to Ur doubt. Is it all U want?

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