Is there an array tester in JS?

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Thread: Is there an array tester in JS?

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    Are there any kind souls that wouldnt mind looking at this and telling me why it only works if there is more than one checkbox?<BR><BR><BR>function validateEMAIL()<BR>{<BR>var TheBoxes = document.form1.chkApplicant;<BR>var blnInvalid = false;<BR>var NumChecked = 0;<BR>for (var i = 0; i &#060; TheBoxes.length; i++)<BR>{<BR>if (TheBoxes.length &#062; 1)<BR> curOption = TheBoxes[i];<BR>else<BR> curOption = TheBoxes;<BR>curValue = curOption.value;<BR>curIsChecked = curOption.checked;<BR>if (curIsChecked == true)<BR>{ <BR> NumChecked = NumChecked +1;<BR> if (curValue.indexOf("$N$") &#062; 0)<BR> {<BR> blnInvalid = true;<BR> alert("You cannot Email applicants
    that you have already emailed");<BR> curOption.focus();<BR> break;<BR> }<BR>} <BR>}<BR>if (NumChecked == 0)<BR>{<BR>alert("You need to select applicants to Email");<BR>if (TheBoxes.length &#062; 1)<BR> TheBoxes[0].focus();<BR>else<BR> TheBoxes.focus();<BR>}<BR>else if (blnInvalid != true)<BR>{<BR> document.form1.hdnMode.value = 4;<BR> document.form1.submit();<BR>}<BR><BR>

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    using &#039&gt;1&#039 is the same as saying &#039 2 or more&#039<BR><BR>use &gt;0 or &gt;=1<BR><BR>jason

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