I&#039m trying to make our ASP telephone directory edititable. I would like to make a little &#060;edit&#062; button appear next to the name of the user if the logged on user has permissions to edit (all users can edit thier own, admin and certain others can edit all). From my understanding, I can&#039t compare to the Assoc-NT-Account because VBScrip&#039t cant get the Security ID of an NT account. I&#039m using ADSI to connect to exchange, and the asp is running on the same server as exchange.<BR> I then need to make an edit form where the information can be changed and re-submitted. This part is much simpler, as a matter of fact, I could use the galmod for web from BORK (if someone could post that source for me as I don&#039t have the BORK).<BR> My main concern is determining who has access to which account to create the edit button. I don&#039t want an edit button on every user and then a screen denying permission.<BR><BR>Dana Hanna<BR>Programmer Analyst<BR>BGEHome<BR>410-720-5047<BR>