Hello,<BR>I read the article on the topic above on the 4guysfromrolla web site and I&#039ve been trying out the script but my results have been pretty inconsistent.<BR><BR>The ASP file which I need to schedule to run automatically uses ADO to update a database and also uses the ASPMail component to send SMTP mail. I&#039ve tried using WSH 5.0 to run the VBS file with the code as suggested from the 4guysfromrolla site but sometimes it runs, sometimes it doesn&#039t. I&#039m using the Windows NT Tasks scheduler but I don&#039t think the problem is with the scheduler b&#039cos I&#039ve manually run the VBS file using the CSCRIPT.exe command and I don&#039t get the expected results from the ASP page either. It seems like there&#039s some lock or something b&#039cos I can run the VBS file successfully a couple of times in a row and then suddenly it may stop running. Is there anything more to the VBS file below? I&#039m running IE4 and I have it open when the VBS file is run.<BR><BR>&#039---------------<BR>Dim IE<BR>Set IE=CreateObject("InternetExplorer.Application")<BR >IE.Navigate "http://webserver/helpdesk/test.asp"<BR>&#039---------------<BR><BR>Any feedback on this is very much appreciated. Thank you.