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    Usama Guest

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    Can anyone help on this internalization topic:<BR>How to apply Arabic calendar to asp pages? (by the way 3rd of July 2000 = 2nd of the the fourth month of the year 1421 or 2/4/1421 AH). <BR><BR>Please copy your reply to<BR>Looking forward to hearing from you.<BR>Thank you,<BR>Usama

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    Tom Levesque Guest

    Default grrr

    This is a message board, you&#039re supposed to come here and "discuss" things not say "send me the answer to this email address." I can almost guarantee you get no response to that and I can also guarantee that the answer to your question is not a simple or quick one. Those who would take the time to answer would probably appreciate it if you stuck around on the message board - like everyone else - and listened to what everyone had to say.

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    Usama Guest

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    You are right this is a message board and not a place for preaching! I know that some people have difficulties to adapt to the both open and global mentality of the internet. However, instead of "grrr" and such stuff, try to see things positevely. Asking for a cc to my mail address doesn&#039t necessarly mean I don&#039t stick around to the message board.<BR>Regards.<BR>

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