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    If a variable in the Global.Asa file is locked and another client tries to access it, will the other client wait until it is unlocked and then continue or will it just procedd without doing anything to the variable that was locked??<BR><BR>e.g. you have a counter variable that is locked...another client tries to update the counter but it is locked...will it wait and then update the counter or will it continue without trying to update teh counter or retrying to update the counter??<BR><BR>Complicated one to explain, I know...<BR><BR>Thanks in advance.

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    Default Application.Lock locks *everything*

    It&#039s even more simplistic that you think: If you do Application.Lock in one thread (one user), then any attempt by any other user to access *anything* in Application "space" (that is, *any* Application variable, for example) causes the other user to go into wait state until the first user does the Unlock.<BR><BR>You can&#039t lock individual values with ASP. It&#039s all or nothing.<BR><BR>

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