I&#039m working on a component with several classes to take care of tasks such as security, data-access, etc. Anyways, i have to get access to the data-access from within the security-layer and visa versa. The problem here is that i&#039m using both the ScriptingContext and the ObjectContext (i can&#039t debug within VB6 if i&#039m using ObjectContext). For more information see the ASPtoday article about multi-context components (www.asptoday.comarticles19991105.htm). <BR><BR> The problem is that i keep getting out-of-context errors when using the intrinsic ASP-objects through the ScriptingContext. The ObjectContext does not cause this error. My guess is that the OnStartPage and OnEndPage i use to encapsulate ScriptingContext are fired just once (during the creation of the entire component) and not on class-level. The ObjectContext&#039s Class_Initialize and Class_Terminate are fired every time a class is created. Is it possible to encapsulate the ScriptingContext within the Class_Initialize and Class_Terminate procedures? May seem easy, but for as far as i know, this is not possible because the OnStartPage-event can receive the ScriptingContext through a procedure-argument while the Class_Initialize doesn&#039t have such an argument.<BR><BR>Should i perhaps seperate the classes into their own components (so that i get five or more DLL-files instead of 1 file)? <BR><BR>What are the costs in terms of resources if i would indeed create different DLL&#039s instead of seperate classes? And what about stuff that should be shared such as enumerated listings?<BR><BR>I really hope that someone can be of some help.