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    Hello all,<BR><BR>I am working on an article database right now. Let me explain how it works. Customers will input an article in to a text field on a page. That information is saved in the database. Then the customers can upload pictures for the article which just the image name is saved in the database. Then from their all of their information is saved on the database. Now what I am having a problem with is they need to place the images through out the article. But I can not just write to the page the image tag &#060;img src=image.gif&#062; and have them cut and paste that code into the article. My clients what something simple like a 1 or [1] so the people cutting and pasting the image tag into the article will not screw it up. Is this possible if so how should I go about doing it? If this is not possible does any one have any good suggestions on how to do this?<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR><BR>Joey<BR>joey@digiscrib<BR>

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    Seems simple enough to me. You just have to have some special sequence of characters that indicate a numbered or named image. Maybe [$1$] and [$13$], for example. (Just plain [1] is too likely to occur in real text.)<BR><BR>Then as the users give you the pictures, you build a table that says <BR><BR>Picture 1 -- framitz.gif<BR>Picture 2 -- zamboni.jpg<BR>etc.<BR><BR>And, when it is time to convert their text to HTML, you just use the VBScript REPLACE function to change the funny tags into picture references. That&#039s easy.<BR><BR>Now, the fun part in all this is figuring out how to get the images to *look good* as they are put into the article! And for that, you&#039ll just have to play around with HTML until you are satisfied with some variations.<BR><BR>I strongly suspect that you will find, at a minimum, that you want your authors to be able to specify "Left-aligned picture" or "right-aligned picture" or "centered picture" and then, as well, to specify whether the text wraps around it or not. Some of that is easy to do in HTML, some is tough.<BR><BR>But the actual process of replacing funny tags in the text with the &#060;IMG SRC=...&#062; tags is by far and away the easiest part.<BR><BR>

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    Thanks for the reply. I hadn&#039t thought of doing it that way. But it sure looks like it would work well.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR><BR>Joey

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