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    Stephen Sutherland Guest

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    On 3-27-99, Doug Dean wrote an article on ASP components for 4guysfromrolla.com. <BR>http://www.4guysfromrolla.com/webtech/032799-1.shtml<BR>The article was about handling apostrophes, pipes, and tag syntax that causes errors when sent to the database. He wrote, "The EZsiteDEV.dll is free to use in any of your ASP projects."<BR><BR>QUESTION 1: The BIG question. Where can I download the free component? <BR><BR>QUESTION 2: Does the string have to be treated again when you are retrieving it from the database for display on the screen ? if so how ? <BR>For Example--is this correct ? <BR>SELECT TREATEDSTRINGfrmDB &#060;! using appropriate SQL syntax &#062;<BR>STRING4Browser=PrepStringForDB(TREATEDST RINGfrmDB)<BR>---i know this is wrong.<BR><BR>QUESTION 3: Does the EZsiteDev.dll Component come with the EZForum component which he sells for $249 ? are it&#039s methods accessible separately of doing a forum ?<BR>Sincerely Stephen Sutherland MrHitmaker@aol.com

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    Doug Dean Guest

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    1) You can now find all the free components and articles that I provide at http://www.dougdean.com. The component you&#039re asking about can be found on the EZsite UpLoad page - also a free component. (A trial version of this forum is also downloadable)<BR><BR>2) There are a number of methods that will prepare strings for database storage or before displaying within a HTML page. It can go either way. You send a string to a method and it comes back different. What you do with it afterwards is up to you. There are examples and documentation in the zip file (component with supporting DB methods). Because of time constraints, I can&#039t offer support for the free stuff I give away.<BR><BR>3) The free component that you&#039re referring to is separate from any of the commercial products I sell. This fee component happens to also include some developer&#039s tools for use with EZsite Forum 2. I&#039m currently working on a developer&#039s component for EZsite Forum 3.<BR><BR>Doug Dean<BR>

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