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    Well I finally got all my Refresh Pages working properly...but now a new problem has surfaced. When I initially click on a certain image, it links to another page, which has a target between the image clicked and a certain spot on the page it links to. The target feature works fine initially, until the page is refreshed, then it looses its target.<BR><BR>If this page is being filled with info from a database each time the user accesses this page, then is there a need for me to refresh this page each time? Won&#039t the page automatically be refreshed since the database contents are being loaded each time a user accesses this page. Just wondering because just when I think I got it, something else goes wrong. Thanks

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    Database driven pages are still cached by the browser. You can force the page to refresh with something like..<BR>response.expires = -1 <BR><BR>This is from memory, but it&#039s something like this<BR>HTH

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    Linda Guest

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    I know I can force the page to refresh but what ends up happening is I loose my target. Is there a way to refresh and then go back to the target. This target value changes depending on the previous image clicked, but all targets are found on the same page. I want to be able to refresh the page and still point to the correct target.

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