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    I have a page that uses excel to view the results of a query. Does anyone know how to accomplish the following:<BR><BR>Lets say a user posts two responses to an issue. I display this as follows:<BR><BR>USER ISSUE RESPONSE<BR>Bill issue #1 text response #1<BR> text for response #1<BR> response #2<BR> text for response #2<BR><BR>If I use the break tag to drop the responses down to the next line, excel wants to put this into a new cell. Is there any way to make excel write this into one cell and keep the formatting above?<BR><BR>

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    Have you tried using vbCrLf to add a carriage return line feed instead of a Break Tag.<BR><BR>Don&#039t know if this will work, but it is a suggestion.<BR><BR><BR>HTH<BR><BR>Jerry

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