I would like to automatically log users on to NT under a generic NT user name using asp.<BR>This would enable me to control individual users profiles, settings etc using asp (controlling what pages they see and the data they have access to)<BR>But it would also allow me to set up some generic file access via NT so that only users who were validated by ASP processing are able to access .zip files etc.<BR><BR>It would work something like this:<BR>The user enter name and password which is validated against an access databases.<BR>If valid then ASP also logs the user onto NT under "superguest" pwd "13ad34" (hard coded in the asp)<BR><BR>Superguest then has access to all the stuff that a normal anonymous user has plus some extra files etc.<BR><BR>This would be useful as I could then more easily administer the "superguest" users remotely and also have them self register.<BR><BR>any tips would be appreciated<BR>Thanks<BR>