Bill Wilkinson's no hero.

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Thread: Bill Wilkinson's no hero.

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    lagerBoy Guest

    Default Bill Wilkinson's no hero.

    Allright Bill, time to come clean, I&#039ve had enough of your wit and sarcasm. You&#039re no hero of mine. OK, yes you&#039ve answered my questions in the past, and, yes I&#039ll even admit that I&#039ve visited your site on the odd occasion.<BR><BR>The thing that troubles me is - why don&#039t you ever ask questions. Do you know everything? <BR><BR>I&#039ll bet there&#039s some site that you&#039re not telling us about. A site that gives it&#039s users SuperAnswers. A site not unlike this one, yet strangely different.<BR><BR>Come clean Bill, why don&#039t you ask questions, you&#039re no hero of mine.

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    lagergirl Guest

    Default RE: Bill Wilkinson's no hero.

    well said. amen.

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    al dawg Guest

    Default MMMMM....LAGER...

    I do hope you&#039re talking about Yuengling.

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    Dec 1969

    Default RE: Bill Wilkinson's no hero.

    I don&#039t know if your tongue is planted firmly in your cheek when you make this comment, but I&#039ll assume that it isn&#039t.<BR><BR>From those of us who have been assisted by Bill, I would just like to say "shut the @&$^#%$*%()$ up". Most people don&#039t care where the info comes from, so long as it is correct and helpful. If you are suggesting that you can do a better job than Bill, then by all means - take him on or retreat to wherever it is you came from.

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    oofa doofa Guest

    Default RE: Bill Wilkinson's no hero.

    So what exactly is the problem? <BR>The guy takes the trouble to answer peoples woes and then gets slagged for it. Would you sooner have all questions up here remain unanswered and therefore become a totally wasted medium? These fora(?), in the large, are split into those that ask (some of which can easily find their answers elsewhere with just a little modicum of sense and effort) and those that are willing / able to help. Nobody &#039knows it all&#039 but there are varying levels of &#039what you know&#039. Bill&#039s level, through whatever means, is clearly way above lots of people who post here. Is that not useful?<BR>Remember one pay&#039s your money and you take&#039s your choice.....that&#039s not what you need to remember, what you need to remember is this "How much did I pay?"

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    Default Amen Brother!!!!


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    Daemon Blair Guest

    Default See Bill... Everyone want a piece....

    &#060;in a reporter&#039s voice&#062; So Mr. Wilkinson, how does it feel to recieve all this attention both good and bad? &#060;/in a reporter&#039s voice&#062;<BR>Ha ha.<BR>People here are hilarious. They&#039ve stopped talking ASP and started talking about you. Its like an ASP tabloid or something.<BR>Daemon

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    Default RE: I'm with you two!!

    Bill takes a lot of time to help out those that need it. As well as on the board, he has given me help on a personal basis. He&#039s not only a very knowledgable person, but a really nice guy!

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    lagerBoy Guest

    Default Just checking....

    Yeah OK, we all love and respect the guy. It&#039s Friday night here in OZ and I was looking for excitement - but obviously lookin&#039 in all the wrong places.<BR><BR>I for one have benfitted many times from his entertaining anecdotes.<BR><BR>Still the question remains - where does he get all that knowledge (and when does he sleep?)<BR><BR>Goodnight all!

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    Shadao Shai Guest

    Default RTFM

    Bill finds the answers the way any professional should. <BR>he RTFM. There IS a super site for ASP answers. It&#039s at:<BR><BR><BR>I realy wonder how he gets the time. I get burnt out answering<BR>the same questions over and over. But it&#039s great. It helps<BR>allot.<BR><BR>Sometimes Bill also tries to write anonymously so you<BR>wont know it&#039s him. Good attempts, but funny with his so <BR>easily spotted *REMARKS*.

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