Where does the scripts go?

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Thread: Where does the scripts go?

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    Rudolf Guest

    Default Where does the scripts go?

    I am new to ASP and this question might sound too obvious. In CGI, the scripts are uploaded to the server&#039s CGI-BIN, where does te ASP scripts uploaded to? Some ASP bin or something?

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    David London Guest

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    They go wherever you want ... there are two great books that will help you from WROX<BR><BR>Beginning Active Server Pages 2.0<BR>Professional Active Server Pages 2.0<BR><BR>or the latest versions which cover Windows 2000<BR><BR>Beginning Active Server Pages 3.0<BR>Professional Active Server Pages 3.0<BR><BR>What web server are you using? If it&#039s IIS are you the web master too? If so you have a lot to learn. You should look for a good book on IIS.

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    jason Guest

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    go and get an ASP book, and don&#039t come back until you&#039ve read it.<BR><BR>asp scripts are integrated into pages. they don&#039t need to go anywhere special. it sounds like you&#039re pretty new to the web too, haven&#039t you ever noticed .asp at the end of the address bar of your browser??<BR><BR>j

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    Rudolf Guest

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    Yeah, and I have noticed the cgi extentions at the end of my address bar also and the cgi scripts are not integrated with the html pages, so my question wasn&#039t that dumb after all. By the way I have used cgi scripts also, so I am new to web. Just new to asp. In fact any body who tries to view the source code of any asp page in his/her browser will see nothing except the html code, unlike javascript, and will wonder where the coding is, thus my question. Also have in mind that you do not know every web technology out there and will need help at any time to employ a new technology. Your answer wasn&#039t very helpful, thoughtless encouraging. I guess you need some netiquette.

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