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    Linda Guest

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    Why does this code, cause my page to keep refreshing continuously?????? It&#039s as if it is stuck in a loop. I followed the advice of using this code from a previous message post.....why doesn&#039t it work for me?? &#060;meta http-equiv=refresh content="2;Url=review.asp"&#062;<BR>

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    jason Guest

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    that&#039s what it&#039s designed to do, keep refreshing. you need to do something like this<BR><BR>&lt;% if Request.Querystring("refresh") &#060;&#062; "no" %&gt;<BR>&lt;meta http_equiv="refresh" content="2;url=review.asp?refresh=no"<BR>&lt;% end if %&gt;<BR><BR><BR>that will do it once, and once only<BR><BR>jason<BR><BR>

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    Linda Guest

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    Will this code automatically be executed at start of page??? Where should I include this code, in the &#060;head&#062;

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    jason Guest

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    exactly as it is, in the head. Are you a novice? (don&#039t take that as a flame, it&#039s a question)<BR><BR>j

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