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    I installed PWS from FrontPage 98,2000 an a windows 95 and 98<BR>operating systems and ASP will not work on them....! I have also<BR>installed PWS from NT_Option pack an my Windows NT OS and it works fine....I need help to figure out why I cant get it to work on 95 and 98 can anyone help me.....? PLEASE, Thanks

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    This answer is totally from my own painful experiences, not from any manuals, etc.<BR><BR>I originally had FrontPage98 working on a Windows 95 Machine. I installed the PWS that came with Frontpage98. I installed the ASP.exe file that also came on the FrontPage98 disk. I was able to run asp with no problems, both within FrontPage98 and outside of it. From within means that I could open up a site in Frontpage98 and do the view in browser thing and a ASP page would work.<BR><BR>I then upgraded to Windows 98 and could no longer run ASP. I then tried all kinds of things (I can&#039t even remember them all) to get it working again and was unable. I finally did the Microsoft thing and reformated my hard drive, reinstalled Windows98 Second edition, reinstalled FrontPage98 and Frontpage2000. I installed PSW (I think version 4.0) from the Windows98 CD. I think is under addins or something like that. I can now run ASP on my computer but not within FrontPage98 or FrontPage2000. To test a page I have to open up IE and type in the URL of the page. (http://Mycomputer/website/mypage.htm). To the best of my knowledge, and from several messages on this message board I do not think that it is possible to run ASP from inside Frontpage98 anymore.<BR><BR>I hope this makes sense and good luck.<BR><BR>

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