Everyone wants a piece of Bill W...

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Thread: Everyone wants a piece of Bill W...

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    Default Everyone wants a piece of Bill W...

    Bill, you&#039re a popular guy here. Not that I don&#039t understand why, you help a lot of people and you&#039re a smart guy. I just wonder if people should be asking for your help exclusively or just help in general. I doubt they&#039d reject aid from any source that makes what they want to work. I also wonder if its part of your job description to help all us newbie&#039s out on a message-board. You must answer the same questions a lot. Anyways, I guess as long as there are people to help, you&#039ll be around here!!! Good work and I&#039m sure a big thanks from all of us.<BR>Daemon Blair.

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    Default Even my boss...

    And I need to quit this for today...thanks for reminding me...<BR><BR>(grin)<BR><BR>

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