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    I installed PWS from FrontPage 98,2000 an a windows 95 and 98<BR>operating systems and ASP will not work on them....! I have also<BR>installed PWS from NT_Option pack an my Windows NT OS and it works fine....I need help to figure out why I cant get it to work on 95 and 98 can anyone help me.....? PLEASE, Thanks

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    I personally dont like PWS but anyway...<BR><BR>You&#039ll notice PWS doesn&#039t make ALL "local" ASP pages compile - it just makes ones in a certain directory or directories compile. For example, the way I have my computer setup, http://localhost/ accesses the local directory C:ASP. PWS only works if I look at files using the /localhost/whatever.asp root. If I were to open the same file in the browser by typing in C:ASPwhatever.asp it would NOT compile - PWS has no effect. What I am telling you is you need to look at where PWS is keeping its ASP files and that&#039s the directory where you should put yours. I&#039m not a PWS expert - this is just what I found from my own experience with trying to get this crazy program to work.

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