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    Hello,<BR> I have a problem with persisting values outside a javascript function. Basically I have an onchange event with a select box that calls a function, passing in the value select from the select list.<BR><BR>&#060;SELECT NAME="cboSupCode" onchange="BuildList(this);"&#062; <BR> <BR><BR>&#060;SCRIPT Language="JavaScript"&#062;<BR>&#060;!--<BR>function BuildList(num)<BR>{<BR> thehref = num.options[num.selectedIndex].value;<BR> alert(thehref)<BR>}<BR>//--&#062;/<BR><BR>&#060;/Script&#062;<BR><BR>What I want to do not, is use the value passed to the JScript function to be used as a parameter for a call to a command object in vbscript (ASP).<BR><BR>Does anyone know if this is possible?<BR><BR>Thanks<BR><BR>Lenin

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    jason Guest

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    if you need to pass client side variables to server side script the only way to go about it use to use the querystring, or hidden form fields. the client and the server are not in the same place. this should be in the FAQ, and people should read it<BR><BR><BR>jason

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    lagerBoy Guest

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    What about, if I&#039m storing a multi-dimensional array on the client, for example:<BR><BR> 1 2 3 4<BR> ------------------------------------<BR>Array0 Bob 31 22/7/68 Red<BR>Array1 Jenny 36 31/8/63 Blue<BR><BR>So, the user selects a bunch of options, clicks [ADD], thereby adding a new row to this client-side array.<BR><BR>Finally, when finished, the user clicks [SUBMIT] to send the page to an ASP processing page where each row will be written to a database.<BR><BR>What is the most efficient method of doing this?

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