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    Jeremy Lowery Guest

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    Does anyone see anything wrong with storing User IP&#039s in Session Variables?<BR><BR>I am writing a page counter that doesn&#039t increment when the same user visits the same page in the same session.

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    SPG Guest

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    At first glance, there&#039s nothing wrong. In practice, multiple users going through the same proxy will (afaik) appear to have the same IP address. With the rise in home networking -- in addition to users behind corporate firewalls (though we would never use our company&#039s T3 for personal use, no, not us, never, cough sputter wheeze) -- this could put a hole in your plan.<BR><BR>I think you can track the SessionID (as a property as long as you&#039re using sessions anyway) which would serve the same purpose without relying on the IP address. Given that I don&#039t use sessions (I bake my own cookies, thank you), I&#039m afraid I can&#039t give better details.<BR><BR>There might be other scalability issues lurking (if you&#039re tracking for your whole site instead of just one page), but those details aren&#039t available for review.<BR><BR>HiH!

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