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    Kola Guest

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    Hi,<BR><BR>I want to display Access records in a form with navigation push buttons like First, Previous, Next ....How can i do this using ASP. I tried Click() event and it does&#039nt work.<BR><BR>Help me please

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    Keith Fowler Guest

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    An ambitous yet viable solution. After getting the recordset you desire, store the array in a client-side variable (In JavaScript) and setup a function or functions that will move through the array and change the values of each of the form objects. Then set your click events to make use of those functions. This way the form changes dynamically without having to make a round trip to the server. You should keep in mind though, recordsets can get very large and it is not advisable to store large recordsets on the client. Consider your users resources.

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    Kola Guest

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    Thanks for your help...<BR>But i am not sure to hunderstand what you explain me. It seems hard to do what is easely done in Access. I don&#039t know JavaScript, and i wonder if it is not possible to do it other how...<BR>Thanks

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