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    After a good deal of struggle getting my global.asa to connect to the database, I finally fixed it, but now the pages I want to use to search the database won&#039t load. I&#039m using an Access database with SQL scripting in the code, and post form method for entering the requested information. <BR><BR>This seems simple enough to pull off, but I&#039ve come across nothing but frustrations... any help is appreciated. <BR><BR>H Hoover

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    Why would you EVER want to connect to the database in Global.asa???<BR><BR>NOT a good thing to do, at all.<BR><BR>All the MS docs warn you away from this, strongly.<BR><BR>Since you show no code, I can&#039t begin to know what your problems are outside this one.<BR><BR>Have you studied the "Database Lessons" at ??<BR><BR>If not, you should. There is a complete Add/Edit/Update/Delete cycle in those pages that you could probably use as a model.<BR><BR>

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