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    I am just looking for suggestions here. Want I want to do is grab the contact list from exchange server and send an email out to all the agents about the available equip and loads. Sure i could use the email thing and type in all 130 agents&#039 email addresses. Is the Cdo email thing going to work if i try to send the same message to 130+ people? I checked 4guys for any articles pretaining exchange server but there is none.<BR><BR>Any tips would be helpful,<BR><BR>Matt

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    you need to use CDO (Collaborative Data Objects) to access the Exchange server (rather than CDONTS, which is used for sending mail). It&#039s too involved to answer on a messageboard, try looking on in the CDO section. if not, get the platform SDK from Microsoft, and see there.<BR><BR>quite a lot of info to digest though<BR><BR>jason<BR>

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