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    I have a shopping cart in development and right now I have a "view" page that uses an IF/THEN that checks if a varible is set to "add", if it is, it includes the "add" page (&#060;!--file include "add.asp"--&#062;) that uses SQL to add the item to a DB, and after it&#039s done executing that it should continue whats on the "View" page after the include (right?) anyway, after the include command I have a DO/LOOP that displays the table, but it doesn&#039t show the item JUST added! It only shows up if you add another item or refresh the page, I tried to use the (recordset).update command but it has to be at the top of the page I guess. Can anyone help! Please, Im in a major race with a deadline so please EMail me any suggestions! =)<BR><BR>Thanks, <BR>Matt Malkowski (

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    (1) You can NOT conditionally include files in ASP. Whether you know it or not, your include is happening *EVERY TIME* that page is loaded.<BR><BR>(2) Your code, however, *can* skip around the code that is in the include file, so although you might be wasting time by doing the include every time you may not have a program logic flaw.<BR><BR>(3) Re placement of Recordset.Update: Huh???<BR><BR>Try to show some code. Since it&#039s a large page, not all of it, please. But maybe the outline of the code? Including *how* you are doing the Add (e.g., via RecordSet.AddNew or via a SQL INSERT command).<BR><BR>

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