Preventing Databse from locking

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Thread: Preventing Databse from locking

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    Kevin T Guest

    Default Preventing Databse from locking

    Hi,<BR><BR>Is there a way to prevent the database from locking when an ODBC connection is made? If not, is there a way to speed up the removal of the .ldb file? Currently it takes about a min to remove it after the page is done and the connections are closed. Thanks<BR><BR>Kevin

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    Kevin T Guest

    Default Nevermind... But how about this

    Nevermind about the previous post it won&#039t work that way. However is there a way to keep one access Application running on the server and have each open page point to it? Here is how the application is created:<BR><BR>Set objAccess = Server.CreateObject("Access.Application")<BR>objAc cess.Visible = TRUE<BR><BR>objAccess.OpenCurrentDatabase strDbName<BR><BR>So with this each request has to created a new instance. Works fine with one user but with more, it created problems with the locking of the database. Thanks for any help.<BR><BR>Kevin

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